Great product. I bought the old school earrings and they're awesome. People think I have actual screws in my ears. The backs fit very snug so these earrings aren't going anywhere.

- Mark

...he tried the Lap Dance on and REALLY likes them.

- Toni, Maryland

I work in construction but I don't have my ears pierced... Great idea and nice website. Good luck!

- Mike

Pretty damn cool idea! I've always have a hard time finding earrings for myself, I just want something that doesnt sparkle right? Keep it up!

- Bob

Received earring Friday. Looks very nice! Thanks!

- Tom, Ohio

The earring arrived today. very pleased with it too thanks. hope you have many more sales "down under"...

- Gary, Tazmania the \"old school\" today - very nicely made. The little round tin is a nice touch - I like it.

- Rich, Florida

Cool looking earrings... it's about time someone produces earrings for dudes.

- Tony

Very cool. I am impressed. I too HATE HATE HATE glittery earrings on men.

- Rosemarie, Florida


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